Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome!

My name is Emily and I'm a recent survivor of a PhD.

I didn't do it easily, I didn't do it well. I messed it up a LOT. I struggled I stumbled and I cried (a LOT)

I created this blog to share what I learned along the way. Because what I learned isn't contained in those 100, 000 words (yes I used ALL the word limit) I learned a lot about myself and others and life in general. And some of that will come into play here.

The main reason I wanted to start this blog was that (paradoxically but bear with me...) the thing I found least useful were the 'how to' guides or worthy articles online that I read. What was more useful was the 'wisdom' of strangers online. Even when that wisdom was 'this all sucks to hell, welcome to the party' even when it was stuff I didn't want to hear. As Blance duBois says 'I have always relied on the kindness of strangers' and as a character in one of my PhD texts says 'well that's a stupid thing to do'

I'm going to share some honest experiences, reflections and most importantly share what I got wrong.

As with my PhD I don't have much of a plan here, other than to try and share experiences as they come to me. This is going to range from starting out, to money worries, job/PhD balance, life/PhD balance, bad conferences, good conferences, and procrastination skills (seriously it's a skill). Let's muddle through together and if anyone reading wants to request a topic then shout! Also let's make it a discussion, I'm creating a Tumblr along with this that maybe we can build into a community. Not just for current PhDs but academics whatever your stage in life.

So who am I? I'm Emily, I'm 30 years old and I started my PhD in 2010. I finished it in 2014 (ish but we'll get to that)

My PhD title is (brace yourselves)Angels at the National and Bohemians in the West End: Transposing and Reviving American dramatic depictions of AIDS to the British stage in Angels in America and Rent
(I basically looked at some plays about AIDS that I loved.)

I did my PhD in a British post-1992 institution

Before that I did a PGCE (degree for teachign High School for the non-Brits)
I did a Masters at RADA (the posh drama school)
I did my Undergrad at University of Nottingham in American Studies with History (including a year at McGill, Montreal)

I'm from a working class British family and I'm the first person to go to University in my immediate family.

I have a dog, she's cute. Look.

And here's me with Paddinton Bear...

Next time, the blog proper with my thoughts on 'Starting out' 


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